CAST polypropylene film : STAREX

A very good report weight/density, the polypropylene Cast Starex film formulated and extruded by Exbanor has rigorous characteristics of transparency, shine, puncture and tear resistance, for optimal quality and secure packaging to meet the specific needs of our customers. It's the ideal film for presentation packaging.

Flexibility, malleability, a little heat-shrinkage to improve the veneer of the packaged article, attribute to the film a very good handleability, which facilitates its automatic and in semi-automatic use.
Moreover, his excellent weldability by thin welding, infrared, pulse or ultrasound sealing, allows to increase the pace.

As manufacturer, Exbanor guaranteed a quality reguarity of its products. Furthermore, our company can adapt and develop its products to each specific needs : width,length, thickness and CORONA treatment for printing.


Approved food contact, the polypropylene Cast Starex film manufactured by Exbanor is suitable for automatic packaging or in the form of plactic bags especially in the following areas as :

  • Vienese baked goods
  • Retail sale
  • Textile industry
  • Industry
  • Routing
  • Stationery
  • Automatic packaging

Polypropylene Cast Starex film can receive a CORONA treatment on one face for printing or laminating.

Technical data

Characteristics :

  • Internal core diameter 76 mm
  • Thickness from 30 to 300 microns
  • Width from 100 to 1440 mm
  • CORONA treatment one face (40dynes)
  • Printing from 1 to 6 colors