Closure ties in polyethylene


The closure ties manufactured by Exbanor are composed of 1, 2 or 3 parallel metal wires, extruded in polyethylene material. They are dedicated to bags closure and unitarian products packaging.

Their great flexibility makes them particularly suitable for food-processing industry use, market gardening, packaging, ...

They can be personalized by a printing in black or white color and so they are used as presentation label with identification number, safety identification, or any compulsory mention.

Wide selection of color available on stock (blue, red, yellow, green, transparent).

Armature 1, 2 or 3 metal wires
Width 3,6,8 and 10 mm
Length 8 to 480 cm
Printing color black or white


  • Bag of 1000 ties
  • 1 color per bag (blue, red, yellow, green, transparent)
  • Pallet of 30 cartons

Twist & Twist

The ties are used for bags closure which can contain diverse products in particular articles of bakery, pastry and candy store. They are presented in dispencer box.

Twist & Twist tie :

From an innovative design, our Twist and Twist tie is flexible and shiny with a sewing style design. Wide selection of color available on stock (blue, burgundy, yellow, green, transparent).

Twist & Twist dispencer box :

  • Includes European hole for hanging in store
  • Possible fixation by double adhesive face under the box
  • Distributing drawer, ties appear horizontally for an easy handling
  • No risk of pricking your finger
  • The tie envelope is approved food contact
Armature 2 wires
Width 8 mm
Length 9 cm
Color Blue, burgundy, green, yellow, transparent


  • Box of 2000 ties
  • 1 color per box, carton of 20 single-color boxes
  • Refill of 2000 ties
  • Pallet of 40 cartons